Sid Kouider Research

Prof. Sid Kouider

I am a cognitive neuroscientist working on neurophysiological signatures of cognitive processing. My work relies on psychophysics and brain imaging (fMRI/EEG) for:

– Researching neurophysiological signatures of conscious and unconscious mental states in the human brain.

– Applying these neurophysiological signatures to probe mental states when humans cannot report their own thoughts: infants, sleepers and coma patients.

Recently I founded Nextmind, a spin-off from my lab in Paris. This startup uses our expertise in real-time EEG, machine learning, visual attention, consciousness, and metacognition to build the next generation of brain-computer interfaces.


  • Founder, Nextmind


  • Full Professor in Cognitve Neuroscience, CNRS


  • Director of the Brain and Consciousness Lab, École Normale Supérieure


  • Visiting scholar, University of Tokyo, Japan


  • Post-doc, Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit., Orsay, France. Supervisor: Stanislas Dehaene


  • Post-doc, Harvard University, LDS lab, Cambridge, USA. Supervisor: Susan Carey

1999 – 2001

  • Ph.D in Cognitive Sciences, École Normale Supérieure